Why should I use What to Buy Them?

What to Buy Them gets rid of all the stress and hassle of gift buying and receiving!

With What to Buy Them, you can create a wishlist which can include all the things you’d like to receive as a gift, whatever the occasion. On your profile you can specify all the things you like, dislike, favourite shops and restaurants, your clothing sizes etc.. This takes away all those awkward conversations with family members and friends whether its “what size are you?” or “do you have one of these?” or simply “what do you want?” and keeps the element of suprise.

Just direct your friends and family to your profile and all the stress disapears.

But what if i add an idea to my wishlist and two people buy the same gift for me?

Won’t happen! At What to Buy Them, we’ve created a system where if you decide you would like to buy a gift for someone, you select the claim button on the gift item. This prevents people from receiving multiples of the same gift. Decide you want to change your mind? You can always hit the unclaim button. But once an item has been claimed, no one else will be able to claim the item and more importantly, you as the wishlist owner will not be able to see when an item has been claimed or not.

How do I make a wishList?

Click  ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page and create a What to Buy Them account.

Then start filling out your profile’s about section, and start adding items to your wishlist. You can see how to do this here.

Who can see my profile?

Your profile is by default only visible by users who have an account on What to Buy Them.

You have three options for the privacy of your profile:

  1. Everyone – anyone with a What to Buy Them account can see your profile
  2. Friends only – only your friends can see your profile (once you accept their friend request)
  3. Only me – only you can see your profile (no one else)