what to buy them

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It is your retirement and you want that special gift. What size, what colour??

How will you let people know EXACTLY what you want and even where to get it?

Well that is simple.

Just sign up, Create your profile, your likes and dislikes, and add your wishes to the wish list and then tell your friend to do the same. You can invite them to the site and they can look at your wish list once they have joined. And dont worry about the surprise being spoiled. Only your friends and family who view the list can see if it has been bought already for you so you wont get duplicate gifts.
If your friends do the same then you can get them EXACTLY what they want and dont have to worry about someone getting the same thing as you will tick off the box when you are decide to get that gift so others will see it has been chosen.
Dont forget the favourite food part.. No use taking you to a Steak house if you are a Vegetarian !!
If you want to send a thank you to them afterwards, you can upload a video and tell them personally.

So sign up today and send your invites in time for that special day.

Have a Happy Retirement every time!